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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 27, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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kyle, was that you? ralph nader is here tomorrow, i am going to end it there you better be nicer tomorrow, this just me, ralph is note me, lea learn. lou: good evening, you are looking at russian flag which tonight is flying over the parliament building. capital of the ukraine a region. flag raised by gunmen who carried rocket pr rocket propel grenade, and snipe irrifle -- sniper rifles. reports from the ground, that russian fighter jets screamed on
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the border during the siege. this sign that you are looking at, reads in russian, krimea is russia, they posts these signs all over the city urquidez vein a interim prime minister. declaring plaque sea territory has been and will be a part of ukraine, deposed former president victor yanukovich broke his silence, reveals he has fled to russia, sheltering himself from murder charges after riot police killed more than 80 ukrainian citizens last week, insist he's is still the leader of ukraine. yanukovich in statement confirming he asked russia for protect from what he called quote threats of reprisals again he and my fellows, with russian state media confirming that moscow has granted hid request. yanukovich announced a press conference from southern russia
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tomorrow, after the interim government elected a new government and -- parliament and prime minister today, secretary of state john kerry, seemingly walking back the administration's threats that have been made over the course of recent days. despite overwhelming evidence that russia is indeed meddling in ukraine's affair. statements are statements, words are words, we have all learned. that it its actions this follow on choices that make the greatest give ripts. difference, we'll watch caref carefully and hopefully that russia will join us in effort to help shore up the economy, pull the country together and provide a road forward. lou: administration through john kerry's words extending an open hand seeking it sounds like a partnership with the russians, after president obama made is
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clear that there were potentially grave consequences awaiting russia. president himself, has not addressed this crisis since width of last -- wednesday of last week when he issued this warning that then president yich dwrich. > yanukovich there will be consequences if people step over the line, include making sure ukrainian military dud not step in in when should be a sit of issues that can be resolved by civil unions. lou: russians taking of the step. @% sending one of its naval ships, to cuba. reports that russian semiship on your screen, is there for surveillance, just over 100 miles from the united states this picture taken in port of havana late yesterday. our first guest said that dodge has demonstrated a -- obama administration has demonstrated a pattern of appeasement of the russians and hard to expect
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anything but a continuation of the trend. joining us randy forbe. >> the president has warned the russians, secretary kerry has warned the russians. as well as ukrainians. you don't think much will come of those warnings? >> lou, i don't think that you see the russians shaking in their boots. after all the russian told the president to take our missile defense systems out of europe, and president said yes, sir, and took them out, put them on the back of our navy, and gave the navy no additional asset to do that. now he is cutting asset that navy has, i don't think that the president right now has the credibility necessary to back up many of his statements. lou: and do you have a view as to what likely putin will do in ukraine? >> lou, one thing that we're always afraid of, when you see
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the vacuums then you know, president putin may try t to -- exhibit some of his muscle, a react on world react, not u.s. reacted we're hoping he will be deliberate and not do, that let the ukrainian people work this out forever themselves, no matter how difficult that work out might be. lou: i was to turn to the issue of defense spending, and budget cuts, that are being insisted upon our military, and the pentagon. you are a champion of our military. you are more concerned than most on capitol hill. about national security, day in and day out. what is your judgment of the signifance, impact and result of think about cuts that pentagon now faces? >> shute she mos absolute most
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expensive thing that america can buy today is a cheap army and cheap navy, that is what i'm afraid this administration is headed toward they have rolled out massive cuts in this points in time, the president, and secretary of defense, and said most crucial area in world, where they want to turn toees asia pacific area that so depend on strong navy, what to we find them doing? freeze wrapping, half of our cruiser need, that is our muscle in the navy, and thinking about dropping down from 10 carriers to 11, that concerned me the other day to hear individual that will be second in command. the deputy secretary of defense, to basically say, we can't carry out the strategy we have, with this budget. that should be concerns to all of us. lou: and that strategy, times, forgive me, on part of that administration seems indiscern able is that strategy, can you rational rise that strategy with
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the man power that would result from these cuts? >> lou, you can't rationalize any strategy with these manpower cuts, in a world that is probably more dangerous than any time since world war ii, we are going to have the smallest army since world war ii. at a time we need and will need for next decade, a strong navy, and projection forces from navy, we're reducing the number of ships we have in a time with air power is so important, air force say they may no longer be able to guarantee air dominant in a conflict that concerning, and the curve lines do not get better they get worse. lou: congressman thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: a new report on the nightmare launch of, such a disaster that president obama considered shuts it down two weeks after it bebegan. and -- began and perhaps starting from scratch was the
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plan, a new keys irpoll, 56 per of the -- case irpoll keizer poll. senate leader harry reid, called out by republicans, and fact checkers for his claim about obamacare. >> despite all that good news there is horror stories told, all of them are untrue, but they are told. all over america. lou: those comments a few hours later, sort of back peddled by the senate majority leader, this is harry reid sort of walking it back. >> i can't say that everyone of the koch brother ads are ally, i
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will say -- a lie, but a vast majority of them are. lou: according to washington post, the senate manly leader earn just two pinnochios in that misrepresentation, we're trying to fig out what happened to other two and why, president obama found another way to use his pen and phone. at the white house, mr. obama launched a new initiative, dubbed, my brother's keeper to encourage companies to create opportunity for young minory it men, at risk boys were there, in which president said he sees himself in them. >> i didn't have a dad in the house. and i was angry about it even though i didn't realize it at the time. i made bad choices. i got high. without always thinking about the harm it could do. i did not always take school, i
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made excuses. lou: black unemployment is 12.1%, down slightly from 12.7% when president first took office. >> we're coming right back. stay with us. >> ukraine's uncertain future. our commander in chief remains see lepts, major general bob scales on the president's leadership. guess who is leading g.o.p. field in latest iowa polls? governor mike huckabee will join us next. dentures are very different to realeeth. there about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where cteria can multiply. polident kills9.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon i1971.
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what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together the fastest internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. lou: a record day on wall street, dow up 74, s&p up 9, closing at all-time record high, nazdaq up 27. and crude oil lost 19 cents on
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the day. gold up $4,. >> yield on 10 year, falling further, down to .64%. -- 2.64%, steers sears stock up more than 6% today. retailer posted better than expected earnings a nice surprise, and freddie mac will repay the treasury more than $10 billion with total payments now exceeding 2008 bailout. and reminder to join us for my fiiancial reports three times a day on salem radio network, coast-to-coast for all day's biggest market and news. >> returning to the ukraine. and what is likely to occur there, next. my next guest said that president putin is flexing his muscles, just as his
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predecessors did in kosovo, the key is for the new regime in kiev to resist intimdation. general good to have you with us. 150,000 russian troops on the border with ukraine. they have the cry me an -- krimmnan ports are filled with russian ships. >> i take my hat off to the ukrainian leadership, they navigated waters that have been stirred up by mr. putin well, resisted any type of arm react. they are working hard to establish a democratic government, in kiev, they are doing the right thing. they are asking for financial aid from the european union and the united states to get
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themselves back on their feet, fiscally. but in terms of who putin is doing, it is important to understand that krimea is vitally important to russians. sebastopol is only warm water port they have, we perhaps don't make as much as of domestically as perhaps russian do this is a very emotional issue, for all of the russian people and putin's reputation is at stake. lou: so is the landover which his pipelines run, carrying natural gas to europe, so is the bread basket that is ukraine russian for russia an stomachs.
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>> hard to say, so far, he has not put the hammer down. but remember, now, the russians, as you say have 150,000 troops near the border. they are flying back and forth on the edge of the border with fight are planes. they have reinforced the naval garrison in savastapol, putin keeping pushing and pushing trying to get ukrainians to over react, if they do, there is no telling what computeing what putin is capable of union. lou: it seems that europe earn union will not act r united states, there has been no evidence of any flurry of activity if you will in brussels, or washington. to move aid to the ukrainians. >> yeah, you know, i think the west is hoping that this will
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end with a whimper not a bang, they hope that it will just fade in to obscurity, western media, does not present this crisis pro the russian stand . which is important here, the russians are all worked up over this, calling protesters hooligans and nazis. lou: and terrorists. >> and terrorists, right. so thank you are a russian watching television, tonight, your view of what is going on in ukraine, is different from what we see. lou: fundamentally different, what we see is rather opaque. and likely to be i'm sure for another at least several days, general. always good to talk with you. >> thank you, lou. lou: general robert scale, state department's latest travel warning focusing not on travel to dangerous nations like syria or ukraine. but on spring breakers, that right, these folks are drawing the attendtion of our state
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department, releasing travel tips for the cancun crowd, they may have trouble following some of the instructs however. among them don't over do it alcohol, do not use drugs. keep in touch with your parents. all that was missing was a fond good luck. we'll provide that. good luck everyone. plan up next. federal resave chair janet yellen backs the cbo over the white house on that minimum wage hike issue, and hints that nasty winter weather may have an effect on fed's easing monetary policies, joh john lonski is here next, we're coming right back. stay with us. thinking up game-changing ideas, ke this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state.
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lou: all day, fox business has been focused on the business of boomer retirement. a survey shows it is out of reach for far too many americans, 58% of workers, age 60 and older have to put off their retirement.
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mostly because of financial reasons, good news that down from a pike of 66 percent in 2020. new fed chair yellen testifying before senate banking committee told them central bank would probably continue to taper while trying to figure out how much research weakness in the economy is because of the see winter weather, market, responding %-posting a new record high,&p. joining us now. chief economist from moody's capital, john lonski, janet yellen seems to have slid into her well rarefied chair, is doing brilliantly it seems. >> i think she is doing very well. market likes her, up 1% for year-to-date, new record highs. so they are pleased with her performance thus far, it also helps that because of a slower economy, instead of rising as had been expected, that 10-year treasury yield, is down under
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who 2.65%. lou: and holding in a range, does not seem overly impressed with news in either direct that might drive the yield, you know either up or down. that is a little bit of a bonus, i don't know that yellen could have expected? >> i think it comes again as a surprise to most of us, good news here is that housing market needs lower mortgage yields, in a it might be that if thousands does not get on to a -- if housing does not get on to a solid start we could find that 10-year treasury yield moving under 2.5% to get motorrag fort gang yields to a level that are fitting for an american consumer that is still hobbled by a sluggish income growth. lou: reality is, without low interest rates, it will be very
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difficult for the housing market to get th the left it needs. >> you want middle class american into the housing recovery, which is not happening yet. amazing, january, unit sales of existing homes are down 50% from a year ago -- 5% from a year ago, what you find is that unit sales of existing homes funded with cash, no mortgage money up 12%. those sales that used some mortgage credit were down 12%. this housing recovery, owes eye lot to foreigners, wealthier americans. lou: and investors rather than homebuyers. traditional. we also looking at a economy in a market that leaves us scratching ou heads we don't get a sense that economy is strong as many of numbers and reports suggestion. and same time, people are
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wondering why is this market where it is? no correct. correct that everyone agree was here a month ago is now a -- there a been replaced by another conventional wisdom we're in midst of a global economic recovery. happy days are here again. >> you know, good news is, that earnings have exceeded expectations. but not so good, that business sales have come in under expectations. and you know at some points we have to see faster sales growth, if we're going to continue to grow profit, and in turn award off a sell-off of everybody quities. lou: i have to ask you, 'your reaction to this discussion document, many republicans trying to run from dave camp proposal call it. your react to it? >> specifically the proposal? lou: camp proposal. start with some things reducing
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and eliminating dedeckibility for state and local income taxes. motor gamortgage interest. >> you have to move in that direct overtime, we have large budget deficits, when we move out to 2018, baby boomers begin to retire if great numbees. lou: why are the republicans having a hard time remembering that it is about reducing will left of spending here? why is that difficult in that document that he put out there, in my opinion, could have come from the obama white house. >> mm-hmm, that is -- how do you curb spending overtime, that is politically unpopular there is the problem. when you talk about changing tax code, people are not go many are not going to are having happy, if they lose tax deductibility of for municipal bonds. lou: i think this document will
7:28 pm
reside to the sidelines, at the very best. lou: there is really no escaping retal. >> hunl demands to be made of federal government not too many years from now. lou: john lonski thank you, we appreciate it. >> new reports city nationwide are doing away with red light cameras. among concerns about the red lights, what they really amount to, their worth. their invasiveness, what they increase traffic accidents. usage of these cameras has fallen. by 6% since 2012. 7 states now ban them. i think this is a plow for right to privacy, and drivers like me. we're coming right back. >> he won the iowa caucus in 2008, golfe governor huckabee
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lou: officials announcing that plant workers were exposed to radiation during that week at an underground nuclear waste dump in southeastern new mexico two weeks ago. of course they have the officials said that no one has been affected by the radiation. in the credibility of them said that no one had been exposed. my next guest is leading the 2016 republican candidate.
7:33 pm
joining us now is the former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. it's great to have you with us. and it has been actively campaigning in iowa eight years ago. and so it is encouraging. and so it made me feel a little bit better. and how does that mean there is
7:34 pm
a convoluted piece of syntax. >> that is a setup. it's a real set out. but the fact is that here is the thing. i think we have to wait until the 2014 elections are over before anyone jumps out and says that i'm going to run for something in 2016. so yes, it is encouraging. and it's not enough to say that that is enough heard so you better be prepared for when you're actually jumping in there. at least i hope they don't. strictly because they think that this is going to be the most fun i ever had. our country is in a world of hurt and they need to be able to see the hurt from here she can
7:35 pm
do something about getting this country back on track. and those would be tte reason that it was a pleasant endeavor. lou: i'm sort of in stock with a proposal and it cuts deductibles that are basically part of that given the state of our country right now. and so what are your thoughts on the timing of this and speaker boehner says you can't trust president obama. so why else would they talk
7:36 pm
about this being the tax code? >> i think laying it on the table, let me put it this way, everyone talks about the weather but no one ever does anything about it and i've said the same thing about tax reform. and the proposal. you know, it's not all bad. it lowers the rate and it creates a much more simplified tax code. and it cuts the rate so that people have more of their own money to part with and it's always the simplicity of a tax code that would be attracted and there would be some trade-off in getting rid of the deductions. i still think that's the better way to go because it doesn't punish people for the committee. but i welcome the proposal and
7:37 pm
he's a very serious minded legislator. and it's a good starting point. i commend him for putting something on the table but never actually proposing anything. lou: hillary clinton talked about this with her pulling a couple of years ahead of time. she said she is open to what she called evidence-based changes to obamacare. i thought that was an interesting piece of the language. what are your thoughts? >> well, i would say let me give you some evidence. more people have lost their insurance and have enrolled in obamacare. this thing is so incredibly unpopular. the overwhelming number of people who hate it are the
7:38 pm
people for whom it was intended. the uninsured. so i'd say that's pretty good evidence that obamacare needs not just tweaking but to be tossed out on the next trash is trash and we need to not overlook a proposal that actually does something that doesn't hurt the people and it does help people who want insurance but can't get it and there's a way to do it that doesn't disrupt the entire health care system of one sixth of the nation's economy. lou: is sure to turn huckabee in fox business at 8:00 p.m. on sundays. coming up next, this photo was tweeted and he got a response
7:39 pm
back. why did you leave before my sppech? just curious up next, the president unveiling a plan aimed at helping young african-americans. we have two guests joining us and what will be the effect of it all. we have that next.
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lou: california's devastating drought pushing cattle futures to a new record as ranchers struggle to push the nation's cattle herd from what is now a 63 year low. the severity of this drought is obvious in these pictures of northern california's lake. on the left, the lake at 97% capacity. on the right, 17% capacity just
7:43 pm
last month. joining us is the a-team. juan williams. great to have you with us. former white house political director, matt. let's start with the obama initiative my brother's keeper. are you impressed? >> i am. i think this is exactly what you should doing. the question should be asked why didn't you do it earlier to what he is saying now is that there has to be some kind of directed effort coming from the white house offering himself as a model of achievement. someone who has been here is a new standard of something you can aspire to.
7:44 pm
>> it's great news that there's money behind it and there's commitment behind it. i worked on precisely such a program 50 years ago. working with witnesses and corporations trying to turn hard-core unemployed youth. this is a tough battle. >> i think that reality, they are looking at what they can accomplish. to a lot of young people across this country. he's a great husband and father he has had a six vessel life. and i think it's the right kind of thing to do when the numbers are low and the big-ticket items he wants to take a pass on.
7:45 pm
the one i will just make everyone upchuck here and agree with him as them as well. i think we are all in agreement. the fact of the matter is that this is a very tough and stubborn problem that has been on for over 50 years in this country. and we have to come to terms and i applaud the president in corporate america if they will step up and deal with this issue. i also want them to have up and boost their capital spending iivesting trillions of dollars that they have overseas to get that money repatriated here what we could do in the hands of the private sector in the country. it's time to cut the nonsense. this president has an opportunity to leave and it's time that he does so. in a just, i couldn't agree
7:46 pm
more. users were having a conversation with governor huckabee about tax to one. and i think that the chairman of the house ways and means is onto something here. why aren't people all over the country saying yes, let's do something. why isn't president obama jumping on this thing that this is politics and a republican plan and even beaker boehner and mitch mcconnell, why are they playing loud on this instead of saying that this is an opportunity? that plan was scored by the joint taxation committee including some of that money to be brought back home that you are talking about. >> could it be because they don't want to commit clinical suicide? >> the reason is we all know it's not happen this year.
7:47 pm
the people in washington are realist. as he won some big legacy beside obamacare and i think ronald reagan faced a similar question back in 1986 when he decided to move forward with tax reform. it happened because both parties want to do it. democrats saw wealthy americans and soul is a truly bipartisan effort. president obama has to step up and be involved. it's got some good things. it's got some bad things. but it will not happen the most president obama agrees that this is something that he wants to talk about. >> i guess that i resist instinctively the idea that something is so chronic business. they can be vercome by more tax
7:48 pm
money and i hate the implication in that because it's been such a miserable failure. i truly believe i truly believe that part of the issue here is immobility of minorities and we have to ask ourselves why this has occurred and why is it that opportunity there and i'm a including city hall and their leadership of the black churches. they are so entrenched that they are sacrificing their community. >> we have a lot of this functionality right now and i think that the leadership is to blame for it in many ways.
7:49 pm
i think they discourage people to moving to where economic opportunity persists. when you look at people moving to the suburbs, you see this and lower income people. and this is something very close to my heart. move to where the education is functioning. not by the interest of the children. >> 30 seconds with the last word here. >> is the first african-american president. he has a unique willies. we can't quit. and i think you could have an impact and he's going to challenge corporate america.
7:50 pm
>> yes. so thank you so much. thank you. you're welcome. >> up next, my commentary on the dangers of the tax proposal and how those numbers suggest that his plan does not equal job creation. stay with us [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when hs 153, which woulbe fine if bob were a vampe. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fsh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's notocket science. it's just common sense. fromameritrade. iwe don't back wnrk, e. we only know one direction: so we're up early. up late. thinking upgame-changing idea
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lou: let's talk about a republican party that occasionally team hell-bent on screwing up whatever political advantage it can achieve. the big question is why in the world with the house ways and means committee chairman twos this week to unveil a tax reform plan that he says will jumpstart the economy? taxes that right now he says are too high and too complicated and
7:54 pm
he wants to fix that. but we agree with him on both accounts but not the fixing part. and surely he knows that. he and congressman paul ryan who is never shy about talking about budget and taxes insist that it should drive economic growth. they are often talking about corporate taxes and i want to caution you, if i may, the chairman paul ryan. we went back to look at a time when the taxes were not so high. but talking about those bush tax cuts they say that tax payers have an astounding $1.5 trillion
7:55 pm
between 2001 and 2007. the economy did not move. let me repeat. the economy did not boom. the economy did not create jobs at this level and didn't keep peace with population growth. actually the bush administration created on average 65,000 jobs per month and this does not include 2008 when the economy went to hack. many republicans are trying to run as fast as they can from the camp proposals and right they are. if the republican party wanted to start a discussion as many in the leadership now maintained, they have needed. unfortunately they have done so with insupportable claims and perfectly horrible timing.
7:56 pm
virginia wrote me about our friends in the democratic party. where do they get their screwy ideas, she asked. the more i listen to you and your logic, the more i realize how much they have on off the deep end things your logic and common sense. and stephen nebraska said i am sick of politicians not answering questions and u.s. what does the need to hold people accountable and we got nothing an answer. it makes a banana republic look legitimate. is john kerry going to unleash climate chaage on the russians if they don't behave? would love to hear from you. e-mail me, google or facebook page and twitter, you will find links to everything.
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your comment could be read right here on this program. thank you for being with us. that's it for us tonight. we will do tomorrow. good night from new york orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insuran is often handed down from generation toeneration. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. predibut, manufacturinga prettin the united states do. meadvanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losingheir job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out.
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the tenology is actually creating new jobs. siemens design and built the right tools and resources to get t job done.
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neil: 1.6 million cars. thirty-three crashes are the h neil: 1.6 million cars. thirteen crashes. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and those are the major numbers. even warning about


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